Thursday, September 21, 2017


Honestly it has taken me years, many classes,
many tutorials before I tried this mitred final seam join!

This is my interpretation of the technique
I have written this tutorial using my own quilt,
pictures and notes.

I make ALL my bindings 2 1/2" wide
Measure the quilt perimeter and add an extra 10"
I sew pieces together at the 2 1/2" ends using diagonal seams
Trim seams to 1/4" press using your fav method.
Press the entire binding RST
Sew 1/4" seam using my 1/4" foot to FRONT of quilt 
Hand stitch binding to the back for a nice, neat finish. 
Lets begin...

Leave a 6 - 8" tail, Sew down using 1/4" seam allowance
Sew all around then STOP with 10-12" opening between 
start and fining binding tails.

Pull both binding tails toward the center of the opening
and pin them down to avoid slipping.
(Snug is a key to the success of this technique)

Fold both tails back leaving a 1/4" space between them
(1/4" space in the center is also a key for successful technique)

For the 2 1/2" binding 
both tails will be trimmed to 1 1/4" length from the fold 
This photo shows the left tail - trim to 1 1/4"  

Repeat, trimming the right tail to 1 1/4" length from the fold

Flip the two tails as shown in the photo below.  
Left tail is Wrong Side Up
Right tail in Right side up
(aka Right Sides Together)

Adjust and line up the tails (RST) 
with edges as shown below

Binding tails are now RST
Mark a diagonal line for sewing them together


Trim, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance
(press open or just finger press to the side)

Flip the binding
lining up along the edge of the quilt
it will lay FLAT with the mitered seam!

Now press the binding out/away from the quilt!

Miter Join is flat, no bumps or puckers.

I hope you try this binding finish technique.
I absolutely love it!


  1. Wow you made it so easy. I still struggle with getting it too large and have to take it apart. The 1/4 between the ends makes sense.


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