Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Llamas, alpacas and sheep OH MY!

My friend Kathy Guenther asked me if I knew anything about
The 22nd Wool Fiber Fair  in Yellow Springs, OH?
Nope, but that was about to change.
Young's Dairy Farm was the venue and a great mid-way
point for us to meet. 
We also dragged our better halves along...
I mean, animals should be interesting to them 
while yarn shopping was our main goal!

Phil and me and a cute straw sheep!

 THIS...over 100 vendors 
selling yummy yarns and such

Color was everywhere!

My find was this beauty from the "Game of Thrones" Collection  The"Casterly Rock" colorway!
Knitting a scarf and binge watching Game of Thrones
is now on my winter schedule.

Lunch and some chit-chat made itfun Sunday outing.
We may just visit again next year!

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