Sunday, March 11, 2018


Working with Ghastlies fabric is tricky 
because its a large novelty print.
Like these older Ghastlie prints I selected for this top!
With shaking hands I "finally" cut them!
 No one see these awesome fabrics
if sitting on a shelf collecting dust!

The pattern I selected was Thimble Blossoms
"Red Velvet" which has big main blocks!
I also must give credit to my friend, Kim Hensley
who first used this pattern for her Ghastlies fabric.

Image result for thimble blossoms pattern red velvet

If you look closely the outside blocks in the layout
are not X blocks...just partial. 
My variation on this pattern, was my hubby's idea,
 to make all X blocks!
I love when he looks at my work and offers great input. 
He has been watching me sew for a very long time
and often sees things, I don't!
He also thought the main blocks looked like windows 
and named this quilt...

"Ghastlies Peep Show"
(he is a lot of fun, ya know)

Here are the fabrics I selected from my stash
for background and accents.

Then cut and kitted all the pieces for my winter hiatus
trip to Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Lots of  4 patch blocks

Add corner pieces BEFORE you sew them together
to make X blocks.  (a'hem)

The pattern calls for one main block to be 
"accented" with a fabric that pops.
I choose a Kona green!

The same green is used in the border!
Oh yes...this is gonna be amazing!

Lots of fussing around on the design board 
...before I sew it all together

and pressing each row as I go
makes this Ghastlie Girl happy!

Finally the "Ghastlies Peep Show" top is finished 
and ready for a beach photo op!
This beach house reminded me of Widows Peak!

The beach sand bags always make a great prop!

I try to get shots from many angles

Sand dune fences make amazing quilt racks...

The Inter Coastal Waterway is close by
and I am not afraid to tresspass for a photo opp!

I will climb lots stairs to get that perfect shot!

In May, I have a quilt retreat and I'll make a backing for it.
I have LOTS of Ghastliness fabric I can use. 
My goal is use it NOW! 
The pink and gray Ghastlies colorway is what
drew me into the Ghastlie world in 2009
and still delights me in 2018

Sew tell me...would you tresspass to take
that perfect photo?  🙋


  1. Not me! I’m a rule follower.

  2. Ocean Isle of my fav places to visit!!! Love that to get myself some!!

  3. I would love to know how much Ghastlies fabric do you need for the (large blocks) in the Red Velvet pattern? I went to Camille’s shop to check fabric amounts and couldn’t find the info. I’ve been hoarding some Ghastlies fabric (the same one you used) and would love to make this quilt it’s perfect for this large print. Before I order the pattern I want to make sure I have enough fabric. Thanks so much! You’ve really inspired me to use my favorite hoaded fabric, with you beautiful quilt. You’ve done such a wonderful job! Toni Anne ;->

  4. Wow that turned out lovely and the name is awesome.

  5. How perfect! I still haven't cut into my Ghastlies fabric - I'm a wimp, I know. But you inspire me!


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