Friday, July 20, 2018


I have been reeled into the world of card-making.
A few friends have been doing this for a very long time
with a very large Card Making Company.
Once a month, someone in the group is hostess
and she makes lunch.
We all design and kit a card for all to make.
(and order stuff - our demo gives us credits so we
can earn free product - nice)

Here are some examples of what we have made.

My first card..from supplies I already had.
No surprises here...right?

My second card, also from supplies I had on hand.
I have had this Fairy "The Magic of You" stamp for a long time.

Third card...except for the saying...
supplies I had on hand.  Very sewy!

Fifth card...yep, supplies I had on hand
The Mermaid Stamp was sent to me as an extra
in a Beach theme swap.

Now we get to the SERIOUS cards...
designed by the pros...
but I put them together at our card making sessions.

Well you get the idea...I am buying more stamps and inks
and tools...yep that koolaide is good.

I find it silly NOT to use the supplies I have
but I will upgrade some inks and card stock
and I have bought a few new tools that will help
me in my endeavors.

My friends have been generous and given me
some of their supplies to "get me started"
(like I needed that 😉

BUT these two Scrapbook rolling cases
were given to me!

Card making is like making a small quilt.
It still takes time...but not as much time as a quilt
and I get to be creative. And spend lots of money!
Geeze...what was I thinking?

I still am not receiving your comments into my email inbox.
I do come by here and read them.  Thank you!
Responding to your comments is not a task I can easily do.
 Thanks for understanding 


  1. I like, I like. I haven't tried that yet as I know it would quickly take up more of my not-free time.

  2. I had to check out the cards-I love making cards too! Indeed it is like making a quilt but with paper:) All are very cute card. Buying the supplies are addictive like quilting.

  3. Thanks Vicki...indeed it is another expensive and addictive habbit..

  4. Ha, last fall, I decided that was a good thing to get back to also. A couple hundred dollars later, I have everything, practically, including a stamp with my name ... and I don't like the cards I'm making! I'm waiting for a while before I get rid of it all again, though. Do you have a Sizzix machine?


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