Saturday, September 15, 2018


It's PUMPKIN season.
I only like Pumpkin a candle...
But I do love me a pumpkin quilt.
I have saved orange, gray and white fabrics forever.

I didn't know what design I wanted to use for this quilt.
I just knew this color combo was a must.

THEN I saw the Pumpkins quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew
and the long awaited journey thru a pumpkin patch began.

Pumpkins #167, PDF Pattern

Click here to purchase you copy!
There is also a mini pumpkin pattern available.
Didn't take long to cut the pattern pieces
and sewing ensued.

I took it to quilt retreat lat May as my main project.
Pattern calls for several solid pumpkins.
I had some Lotta Jansdotter that had to go in the mix.

Several strip set blocks.
You know, sew the strips into rows, cut, resew

I used the same brown for stems
the same green Grunge for the leaves.
I used two different white Grunge fabrics for the background
There were some blocks sewn with horizontal strips.

I have a mobile design wall.  Its made by Fons & Porter
and you can find them easy enough. Use the Joanne's
40% off coupon if you can.
Command Strips make it easy to hang!

Sewing the top was easy and quick
putting a pumpkiny smile on my face!

Looks good to me!

I decided to quilt this one myself.
That being basting is the hard part.
No I don't use spray basting.
My traditional roots are showing!

It's a bit larger than a lap size, but my Bernina 740
has great throat space and a dual feed walking foot!
I used a 4 length and the serpentine foot.
My 740 has a 9mm width so I set it at the widest.

 Slow and steady...start at the middle
And remember to flip the quilt horizontally on each row.
I do random widths between rows...
(I forgot to do this and has a bit of distortion on one side)
I washed and laid flat to dry...stretching it
to get it as "squared" as possible.
I used the backing fabric as the border and love it.

looks great hanging in my hallway!

Speaking of pumpkins...
This gorgeous display greeted everyone 
at the Columbus, OH
Country Living Magazine Fair
Sept 14 - 16, 2018

Is there a Pumpkin wine?


  1. This is soooo cute and it looks great in the fabrics! I just used that stitch on a quilt I'll post next week, but with a smaller length. I like the longer length! Thanks for sharing this and making me want to start another project on top of the other ones I already have waiting. :O)

  2. What a great quilt and that pumpkin tower photograph is perfect! I so love your color choices. Thank you for sharing your process and giving us the treat of a completed quilt at the end! Well done and so fun!

  3. Oh this turned out so cute. I really want to make a pumpkin quilt at some point.

  4. Yes we are seeing pumpkins and gourds everywhere and I LOVE it! As do I love your quilt!!

  5. Cute quilt! I just love pumpkin quilts! Great work!

  6. This turned out REALLY cute!! I looks like it would be fun to make too!


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