Monday, January 14, 2019


As if quilting isn't a big enough hobby...
to pour money into...

I now find myself being "such a card" maker!
I joined a group of quilty friends who also make cards.

Lets just say...a couple of these gals have been
making cards for close to 20 years.
No armatures ...cept me.

Here are a few cards I decided to make using
 Black, Gray, White and Yellow

The Thank You is a word die cut by Sizzix

Dimensional wings on this bee

A happy sentiment from Stampin up
Dragonfly Dreams Stamp set

The quilted hear is a die cut from Stampin Up's
Quilted Christmas Set.

This cute sewing theme die cut set is from Jillian Designs.

And here's a quick look that includes a couple more bee themes.

My friend Kim Hensley gifted me this sewing machine
 "handmade" stamp that's great for sewing themed cards!
 have a couple other options as well.

Sew you may see more posts about my card making.
It's like making mini quilts and just as time consuming...
not to mention the costs...some might think
it silly...but its just another creative outlet. 

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  1. Those are really pretty cards...nice job on them! I tried the card making thing years ago and bought LOTS of stuff for it. If I'd had some fun friends to be creative with I might have kept going. Quilting keeps me busy enough for now, but maybe someday I'll jump in to do it again. Enjoy it because it isn't silly at all


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