Friday, May 17, 2019


I feel scrappy every once in awhile
and when I do...I pick up my Featherweight
and work on my Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks.

I have 9 blocks done.
I have the green fabric in the center of each block
and hope this will give the eyes a place to rest!

I haven't been blogging to much lately because
I get aggravated with BLOGGER!
Way too often BLOGGER disables the function that allows me to receive your comments in my email inbox.  

I would like to get SCRAPPY with 
BLOGGER when this happens.


  1. Love your scrappy trip around the world quilt....

  2. Great progress! I'm one of those who don't reach your inbox. Blogger has decided it doesn't like that my email address doesn't match my email provider. So I rarely comment anymore and I'm sure I'll get a mailer daemon for this comment!


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