Thursday, August 22, 2019


I have NEVER EVER been on a bus shop hop like the one I was on in July...
from Lawrenceburg, Indiana to Frankenmuth, MI


There was no pre-trip communication from the shop, no trip agenda, shops dropped off the schedule due to bus drivers limited driving time,  many shops didn't know we were coming and a trip leader (not the shop owner) who didn't know much of anything, including IF we would get shop discounts.  

I sent an email to the owner because there was NO feedback survey form.  She didnt' like it cause after doing 4 or 5 sold out bus trips she must be doing something right" ahhh 40 of 54 seats
is not SOLD OUT and I hate math!

 Apparently I was the only 1 of 40 to complain. 
Perhaps  I was  the 1 of 40 who had to balls to speak up.
  Quilters Garden should up their customer service and communication skills!

All that being said, my partner in quilting crime and I 
found some fun regardless of the unorganized trip!

Sew let me share the shops I enjoyed
The Quilt Foundry in Maumee, OH

Beautiful historical building

now a lovely quilt shop.

This shop had a nice mix of fabrics
and patterns.  

I was surprised to see 'A Day in Paris" by Zen Chic
one of the few Modern Designers in the shop

A great selection of GRUNGE

Guicy Guice fabrics were vibrant and caught my eye!

The Busy Thimble in Bowling Green, OH  knew we were coming...
15% discount and actually had a gift for us!

A mostly traditional shop...lots of MODA

Great Christmas Fabrics tucked in a corner

My favorite shop of the entire trip
 was located in Ann Arbor, MI
 I have finally found something I like in that town!

THIS SHOP did NOT know we were coming
I was sew embarrassed when the trip leader, argued with
the owner, that the SHOP DID KNOW we were coming!
The shop owner had called them (when? a year ago?)
The shop, fortunately, had plenty of staff and did offer a nice discount regardless of the disrespect!

Pretty fabrics covering all quilting aesthetics... 

Pretty Quilts hanging everywhere

My bigger purchases were these.
Gray and white are for quilt backs
Gold, purple, green I needed for a Mystery Quilt backing
and the last was a sale piece.

Other fun fabrics from various shops to add to my stash.

Yes, I buy fabrics I don't need and who knows if I will use them.  Its my Kwilty Pleasure, after all.
Thanks for stopping by today.  
I don't vent disapproval very often but when you
pay good money for a trip, there are expectations.
 Bad customer service is NOT one of them.

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