Sunday, December 1, 2019


I like to plan...I like to make events, well eventful!
As a member of Columbus Modern Quilters
I decided to organize a Holiday Sew In
at a local library for as many sewing elves as possible.

Attendees had to SIGN UP via a Google Doc
and sign up for committees, etc. 
24 sign up and 22 attended...

There were 'homemade' sweet treats made by many attendees!

I collected SWAG for the attendees that included
shopping discounts on quilting designer websites, to rulers 
and Coldwell Banker Real Estate (thanks Katy Jones)
put together a book of 10 Christmas patterns
I gathered from free on-line sources.

I made a small pincushion and thread catcher for each attendee
using my Christmas Scraps stash.
And the gift tags...cause I dabble in paper crafts too!

I lined up several demos showing holiday gifts.
Like this folded fabric ornament by Michelle Cours

A coffee mug cozy by guest quilter,  Kate Schwartz

A key chain using a snap press demo by Leigh Morgan
And we took those key chains home!

A  group in making needle minders led by Katy.
Valerie Rake Jeannie Foreman, Katy Jones, 
Angilee Beery and Ellen Carter

 A origami fabric folded tissue holder by Valerie Rake

Many participated in a quilt book/pattern swap
 for the holiday gift exchange.

There was an UGLY SWEATER contest 
with lots of very CUTE participants.
The library patrons enjoyed our fun event as much as us!

and there were a few Grinches who just enjoyed the show
and placed their votes!

The winners were...
Maggie Mandmann won the cutest sweater
...Llama Love right here!

Catina King, from Indiana, won the "most original"  sweater!

Leigh Morgan claimed the UGLIEST sweater award.
She stopped customers as she picked up our
 catered lunches from Panera!

It all wrapped up with wonderful friends old and new
and a lot of smiles!

Angilee Beery from Indiana

Cynthia Hayes, Columbus Modern

Maggie Marconi, Columbus Modern
Ellen Carter, Columbus Modern

Katy Jones, Columbus Modern

 Janet Robinson and Colleen Rains, Plaza Quilters

Barb Schofield, Columbus Modern

Valerie Rake, Columbus Modern

Ginny Lightfoot and Barb Ballard, Columbus Modern

Jeanne Foreman, Plaza Quilters

Bonnie Bizzaro and Leslie Woods, Plaza Quilters

And the best gift of the me...WINE!
Thank you Leigh!

And with that, I went home, drank that wine and collapsed!
It was a LOT of work but its SEW worth it when
no one expects a non-typical sew-in!
That's just what Mrs. Claus likes!

Merry Christmas!

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