Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Today is a special birthday.
Phil, my amazing hubby turns 74!
He is never more at home or happier
than when he is on a Golf Course!

Phil is a Gordon Highlander and this Sassanach
 (English maiden name of CLAYTON)) 
is one lucky hen (Scots word for woman or girl)!
I love him to the Craigh na Dun and back.
While wintering in Fort Myers we went to a Celtic Festival.

I bought some great jewelry.
The Bydand Gordon Crest is a pin that
I will use for a bag or maybe with scarves.
Bydand means Steadfast or Stay to Fight!
The green earrings have a Scottish Tree of Life
and I needed the dark blue earrings.
Of course, dragonflies are always Outlandish!

Lots of kilts to buy..but we didn't.
This tartan represents the Gordon Clan

and this tartan is the Dress Gordon plaid.

I had some fun with the the kilt-wearing celts.
Starting with this couple who were vendors!

Here's his t-shirt...yes he's so proud!

Could he be in a ballet pose?

What's a Celtic festival without a pint!

'Slainte mhath" or 'Slainte'
 (pronounced Slan-ge-var in Scottish Gaelic)
Cheers, to your health.


Mrs. Gordon 

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