Friday, November 20, 2020


When I travel to Amish Country, in Holmes County Ohio
I don't expect to find anything "modern".
Once in awhile a fabric might catch my eye.

til one day...this past October
I stopped at a shop I have heard of for many years.
Mostly as a Bernina repair shop, not much fabric.

It was bigger than I thought and lots of Bernina's greeted me as I entered.

More fabric than I expected.

THEN I made a sharp left and saw the newly built classroom
It was FULL of modern quilts!.

Sassafras Lane Designs...quilts all over the walls!

This quilt is made using the Cadence Court pattern

This pattern is Arcadia Avenue

This pattern is Euclid Avenue and  was done in many variations.

And a few by the talented
Krista Moser, The Quilted Life

And I bought this pattern to bring home
It uses 2 1/2" strips and I have plenty of those!
Mapleton Avenue

I was so excited to find a modern heart beat in
the middle of traditional Amishland.

I hope this was NOT just part of the shop hop!
In any case, I was thrilled.  

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  1. Oh thank you for the quilt show;) this morning! What a great find for you. I love that Mapleton Avenue too, looks quick, easy and effective all in one pattern.


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