Wednesday, August 11, 2021


I like a challenge.
I like to try new things.

When my friend Kim Hensley and I decided to make a 
sewcial distance quilt top, my friend Shirley Haller
jumped on the sewing wagon and invited her quilty friends
to give it a try as well.

The block was a 4-patch slice.
I selected WONDER fabrics by Kate & Birdie
and a Spotted GRUNGE for the background.

My pattern was 4-patch slice by Inspiring Creations.

Here is my finished top...same block but my pattern used
a wider stirp and I selected a more modern layout.

The other 3 makers used the 4-patch Slice block and Lattice Pattern
from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star.
You can see that video tutorial here.

The strips in this pattern were smaller thank mine.
They all used a lattice layout.

Sometimes one as to think outside the box 
to get a quilt hanging for all to see.
Shirley used yard sticks with the flimsy tops draped over them.
Not too much weight as they were NOT quilted.

Then a twine string attached to each end of the stick
and yep, some duct tape to secure, then hung on a small nail
already on the trim.

This took some time...lemme say there is NOTHING easy
about putting on a quilt show!

And here there are...hanging along one wall...looking good!

SUCCESS...comes in many ways...
this was totally a hit within the Quilt Show!

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