Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Seems like a long time ago...
I found a love of Charley Harper fabrics.
I kept collecting them, and made a few smaller projects.
All became part of my guest bedroom.

Then I collected more...and found a pattern I thought
could work for a king size quilt, for the queen size bed.

I cut a lot of blocks and worked on them at intervals.
I didn't like the pattern churn dash corners...
so I just made regular Churn Dash blocks.

Fussy cut centers of many Charley Harper fabrics.

I made 36, 16" Churn Dash blocks
White GRUNGE framed all of them and I selected
a color from the fussy cut pieces for accents.
The background was a Gray with Black Polkadot.

Added a 4" drop of the background fabric
 so it would fit the Queen bed, like a comforter.
It finished at 85 x 89"

I selected Dream Cotton batting
and off she went to my friend Patty Estadt for quilting.

Here you can see the backing...a print called Stitched
and it was perfect for this backing.
I used the background fabric for the binding.

As you can see here...Patty did a beautiful E2E  free-hand 
long arm quilting desgin....not a pantograph!

I made a couple pillow cases out of the backing fabric
and here she is in all her glory!

I still have a ton of Charley Harper fabrics.
Oh gee....what will I make next?


  1. Love your guest room decor! I have also collected some of these fabrics but still find them "too precious to use". That's crazy! I hope I can follow your lead and make something to enjoy using them.


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