Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Yes, its' been a SWELL time making my
Vintage Santa Quilt top. 
I am always late to the sewing party, as
this design came out a couple years ago.
I don't's timeless.

As always, I began with cutting and labeling.
I decided to use a dark charcoal gray fabric
for the background.

Sewing the HO HO HO letters was fun and quick.
Labels help!

My H Letters all in a Row!

Here you can see the dark charcoal gray background.
I love all these vintage inspired prints.

The O letters were soon finished.

Then the HO blocks came together nicely!

It didn't take long for the top to be pieced.
I love an easy and quick quilt top!
I put my least favorite fabrics (hard choice) in the
bottom left corner.. The huge Santa will be appliqued over them
and they get cut away.

 The HO-LD ON comes into play now. 

The Santa needs to be appliqued onto the top.
I think the glue used for Lauren Heiney collages would work well! 
The fabric behind the Santa will need to but trimmed out.

The Santa Panel is HUGE! 60 x 52 but Santa gets trimmed down.
You can place him on the top however you like.

Kim Hensley and I will get together and do that part next year,
Our plates are pretty full right now. 

She wants to investigate long arm quilting ideas for this quilt. 
I am OK with that!  

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  1. This is sweet just as it is but I'll be interested to see how it turns out.


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