Saturday, August 19, 2023


I can't stay out of thrift stores...
nor do I want too!

I love finding items to recycle...
you know make them into something different...
something that reflects my creative style.

Like this bottle...
I am not sure what it will be yet, but
when my holiday decorations come out...
I know I will find its new purpose. 

and this vintage candle ring will
be part of something bigger!

And here are other finds that will
serve purpose as is.

My sister lives in  housing with
many units.  She like to give
Christmas cards to each resident.
Dollar tree can't beat these $1 boxes of cards

And if I find beautiful gift bags...
into my cart they go!
These were 59 cents each
but the cashier insisted that was the price
for the entire bunch of bags!

I found this fun painted wine glass.
And it will be my new fun sipping glass.
And maybe, just maybe, I am a wine snob!

My best purchase at this particular store
was this $2.97 witch!
Isn't she just the cat's meow!

Well just writing this post makes me
want to hit the door running.
Many treasures await!

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  1. Trash or treasure..... in the eye of the beholder or we should say creator. Have fun creating with your treasures. In stitches Annette


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