Friday, September 8, 2023


Utica, OH is a very small country town in north central Ohio.
It's known for Velvet Ice Cream! 
Theres a yearly ice cream festival.

BUT if you want a great boutbon tasting...
then the Mill Street Distillery is worth the visit.

At a quilt retreat, Tami, Lucinda and I took the tour.
Close enough to walk to it from Mill Street Retreat House
and then stagger back!

Doug Morgan is the Bourbon Master
and loved to talk about the history of Bourbon.
A former Harvard Law School lawyer
he left that life and now has the distillery as
his favorite hobby.

His buddy Bill helped with the tasting, 
making sure we had nice pours of 
Bourbon, Brandy and Gin.

Corn Whiskey is waiting to be bottled.
There was a honey corn whiskey that
was very smooth and tasty!

Fired up and ready to break some rules...
this happened!

What's your favorite beverage for tasting?

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