Hi there, I am Kathy Gordon from Blacklick, OH.
Don't let the ocean photo fool ya.  I absolutely love the beach but my feet are firmly planted in the BUCKEYE state!

In 1999,  I married the love of my life, Phil Gordon and am officially a Scottish Highlander. A Sassenach from birth (Clayton is English) an Irish (Murphy) mother of my son. So a mixture of all things important. If you don't believe in second chances....our love story began by fate and we know for a fact, soul mates are real and true love happens, when you least expect it. Phil supports my creative passion, road trips via quilt shops and ofent gifts me all things quilty...including shop hops and quilt show travel!

A Kwilty Pleasure, by my definition,
 'anything fabric or fiber that puts a smile on your face 
and fills your creative soul with pleasure'

Fun facts:
  • Baby Boomer
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbus State Community College at age 47...yep 47!
  • IT career retiree, 2013
  • @kwiltypleasures is my IG handle
  • Ohio State BUCKEYE to the bone
  • Volunteer at a garden, theatres and making quilts for cancer patients
  • I love 'other peoples" Gardens
  • Knitter of simple things, no stress allowed
  • I love wine, give me dry reds....always!
  • Quilt Philanthropist -giving is caring
  • Farm girl by birth, traveler by choice with my most exciting adventure to Egypt, closely followed by skiing Austria, Sweitzerland and a gondola in Venice.

What most people don't know about me!
  • Middle Eastern Belly Dancer, 1978- 1991
  • Middle Eastern dance instructor, choreographer 1978- 1991
  • Professional stage name Raheja, stage name (Pleasure Seeker) and my blog is Kwilty Pleasures...see a theme here!  
  • Troup Fn Bedia, Director and choreographer 1978- 199



  1. I visited your blog and signed up to follow you, you are very wordy into, but that is the point!

  2. Hey, Kathy! Sounds like retirement is a great fit! I just read your "about me" and... I knew you when you were the belly dancer!!! That's when we first met! Holy cow!

    I want to ask how much time you need to put together a kwilt for my daughter using her "show shirts"? She just started her sophomore year, so we have time, but I should probably start gathering them up to be sure I have them all.

    Email me: skp9959@gmail.com

    Thanks! Sharon Patterson

  3. do you have ghastlie fabric for sale?

  4. Did you receive my initial message


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