Kathy Gordon from Blacklick, OH
Don't let the beach fool ya.  I love to winter by the sea
but I am an OHIO girl thru and thru.
(Photo, March, 2021)

A Kwilty Pleasure, by my definition,
 'anything fabric or fiber that puts a smile on your face 
and fills your creative soul with pleasure'

I am available for Quilt Trunk Shows and/or 
quilt workshops?
Travel, lodging and food will be extra fees. if applicable 

Plaidish Workshop

What about me?

  • Baby Boomer
  • Retired from Nationwide Insurance, 2013
  • Married to Phil since 1999
  • One adult son, Eric  
What about my kwilting?
  • Seasoned and sassy
  • Feet are rooted traditional, heart belongs to modern
  • Charity quilter  
What about my geeky side?
  • IT support career
  • Designed my blog Kwilty Pleasures
  • Instagram Junkie
  • Facebook as Kathy Gordon
  • Pinterest "electronic hoarder" 
  • Ralvery as KathyGordon
What else you should know about me?
  • Ohio State Buckeye Fan
  • Love to garden
  • Enjoy Knitting
  • Usher for 6 Theatres in Columbus, OH
  • Love wine
  • Love the beach
  • Farm girl by birth, traveler by chance
What most people don't know about me? 
  • I used to snow ski in Western US and Europe
  • Middle Eastern Belly Dancer for 15 years
  • Belly dance and Middle Eastern Ethic dances (1943-1989
  • Raheja, stage name means Pleasure Seeker
  • Troup Fn Bedia, My Troupe, means the Greatest Dance
  • Professional Belly Dancer in Columbus OH at The Aegean Supper Club and Fishermans Wharf 

My favorite quote is from comedian, George Carlin

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, 
in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways, totally worn out, shouting...
"holy shit...what a ride!"


  1. I visited your blog and signed up to follow you, you are very wordy into, but that is the point!

  2. Hey, Kathy! Sounds like retirement is a great fit! I just read your "about me" and... I knew you when you were the belly dancer!!! That's when we first met! Holy cow!

    I want to ask how much time you need to put together a kwilt for my daughter using her "show shirts"? She just started her sophomore year, so we have time, but I should probably start gathering them up to be sure I have them all.

    Email me: skp9959@gmail.com

    Thanks! Sharon Patterson

  3. do you have ghastlie fabric for sale?

  4. Did you receive my initial message


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