Quilt As You Go (QAYG) tutorial 
for a fabric covered journal
is an easy way to make a quick gift
Please read the entire tutorial before you begin!

UPDATED - July, 2015 
New photos and cutting measurements
RSU (Right Side up)
RST (Right Sides Together)
WRU (Wrong Side Up)

This is a scrappy version for outside cover
Fabric for lining and flaps 
Batting and a Composition Book

Sew scraps together into long strip
Up to at least 22" long.  Sizes will vary and you will 
see this as they are sewn on. 
Strips can also vary in width to give a more scrappy feel.

OPTIONS: Jelly roll strips or solid pieces of fabric  

Cut batting piece 14 "x 18"
OPTION:  Sew batting scraps together
Trim batting edges even, butt them together and zig zag

Lay first strip across the batting it RSU, at an angle
near the center of the batting
Lay next strip on top of first RST
Sew using 1/4" seams
Alternate sides when adding strips

Press open flat

  Continue to sew down strips
IF using scraps strips seamed together ...
make sure seams are staggered.


Continue adding and pressing 

Cover the entire batting piece with strips.

Flip the piece over

Trim the outside cover  to  11" x 16"

Flip it back over!

Cut Lining Piece 11" x 16"

Cut 2 Inside Flap Pieces 11" x 14"

Now you have 4 pieces for the journal
Outside cover, Lining and Inside Flaps

 Cut a small piece 2" x 3" for the pen loop
Press the short sides in 1/4"  and stitch them down

Fold in half (lengthwise - 3" side) and Press

 Place the pen loop - raw edges out
 2" down from the top on the left side of the outside cover
Stitch down 1/8" seam allowance

Finish the flaps (see photo below)
Fold the pieces in half WST - lengthwise  
 Press and Top stitch down the fold
(they now measure 7" x 13")

Layer it up!!!
External piece Right Side up 
(pen tab is still on the bottom right)
 Flaps are placed down - raw edges to the outside

Lining goes on top - RIGHT SIDE DOWN

Because the journal cover has "curved corners" 
Draw a curved seam line 1/4" from each corner
as a guide when you are sewing it all together.  
PIN all layers together!

Sew all around using 1/4" seam allowance
Leaving a couple inches at the bottom for turning 
 the project right side out...
Clip corner curves 

Turn project Right Side Out 

TIP - I luv to use a "chop stick"
 It is long and skinny to reach the corners easily
and not to pointy - helps avoid poking thru the seam

Press all around the edges

Sew a scant 1/4" top stitch all around the project


Slide the Composition book inside the flaps
TIP - fold the composition book outside covers
back together - away from pages
Then they will slide right into the cover!

I did add a pocket on the front flap of my journal...
I may update this tutorial later for that.
For now, make one without the pocket!

Add a pen into the pen loop

Here are some other journals I  made
using full strips, and larger pieces or just one piece 
for the external piece designs


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