Friday, June 28, 2013

New Fabric and New Folks

NQA (Nat'l Quilt Assoc) Show is in town and of course, 
I was there.   Kathy Guenther, my quilt buddy in "fiber crime"
 came along with me and we hit a few LQS as part of the adventure.    

Word of advice...when parking in downtown lots 
be sure to keep track of your parking ticket.  
I almost had to pay $60.00 to get out of the lot 
or bust down the exit barrier and go directly to jail.
I found my ticket and no handcuffs were required!
(and just when I thought the fun was about to begin)

A great thing about shopping with Kathy is 
we like most of the same fabrics.  
So when we find something we really like, we split it.  

Like these great Moda FQs - Aspen Frost 
which was a helava bargain with my 25% off coupon 
At Red Rooster LQS.

36 FQs became 72 Fat 8ths and we both get to
make something fun for the holidays!  

And then Kathy found these Michael Miller
"Stitchy Squares" FQs at the show.
Now we both have Fat 8ths for our stash!

I have had many requests for OWL baby quilts lately... 
and I found these fun FQs...I better get busy!

And OMG..this Owl fabric had to come home with me.  
Picked them up at LQS "Sew to Speak" 

Very modern VIBE going on here!

Sew to Speak is a small shop, but you know the saying
"good things come in small packages" 

The center Halloween fabric (Riley Blake - Too Cute to Spook)
and the purple / organge were bargain rack specials!  YAY
Once I pull from my stash..I see a
fun Halloween quilt on the horizon!

Of course I bought other some gray linen for my low volume quilt (that is living in my head)  

And Kathy has been using these pressing sticks 
to help press seams open (for less bulk)...
So I to have some.  

I haven't done hexies in 15 years but I did find some templates.
Will give them a try and see if they are habit forming.  
Like I need another habit!

Well another day of shop hopping awaits.
But before I go....check out these new bloggers 
on the Plum and June sponsored hop.

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Friday, June 28
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  1. Pressing sticks... hmmm that looks like something I need to check out as I find open pressing to be not so fun! Love those stitched fabrics among your fun haul of goodies.

  2. Quilts, LQSs (plural of LQS), fabric searches, good food, good company, happy hours, roads less travelled to not so local quilt shops and yarn shops, lots of laughs, and tons of fun. What a perfect trip! Need to do it again soon.

  3. Great stuff. I have a hexie addition too at the moment. It is very addictive.

  4. Lovely fabrics!! The hexies are such a fun little addiction. So many possibilities to make from them!

  5. Oh wow, beautiful addition to your stash. It's great you guys can split! Hmm never saw pressing stick, cool.

  6. Sounds so fun and what a great idea to split the stacks!

  7. I'm jealous! I want a friend to split fabrics with! :) Yay for lots of fun goodies!

  8. Oh those stitchy squares are gorgeous, I definitely have stash envy! Cute owls too :o)

  9. That store looks beautiful! And so many great new prints, how fun to have a shopping buddy :) thanks for linking up!

  10. Ok too many great finds in fibre crime for you this week. Congratulations on being the most visted post from Sunday Stash linky last week.


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