Monday, July 1, 2013

Where I Sew...

Welcome to my sewing room!

My signature closing line is "KWILT ON"
How cool is this sign given to me for a retirement gift 
from a kwilting friend.

The first post I did on my "Cellar Dweller" sewing space is here 
After I retired this year, I have made some fun changes
I think you will enjoy.  

 Enter my sewing room - the sewing table is straight ahead.
A peg board with curtain hooks holds the next quilt 
ready for machine quilting on Ber-nee-nee
my wonderful Bernina Aurora 440!  
She has a stitch regulator and purrs like a kitten!

I bought my drop-leaf Quilter's Dream table at 
a local quilt store as a floor model mark down! 
 It also came with 3 drawer cabinet that slides under.

STORAGE TIP!!!  A great $1.00 yard sale find...
A white jewelery holder for small items hangs from
the peg board and holds small items for easy access.
tacky glue, glue stick, rotary blades, stitch witchery, 
labels, business cards, charms

I bought this antique wooden shelf last summer.
It has found a home beside my sewing machine and holds many of the items I need.  
Scissors on lanyards, a wrist pincushion, little baskets full of "stuff"

3 sets of 8' feet overhead lights lead the way to my STASH!
The ceiling is straw beach mats I bought for $1.00 each.

Can anyone say...FABRIC-HOLIC!  
My stash area is now encased with 5 bookcases
with 5 or more shelves just loaded to the max.
 OMG !!! Somebody STOP ME!

Atop the bookcases I have a few collections...
Love mason jars and fish bowls for storing my collections.
An old sewing machine drawer holds my antique
"needle book collection".

The large gray bag is my "mobile quilting bag" 
It is packed for travel with cutting/pressing board, iron, pillow, 
thread catcher/pincushion, rulers, 
rotary cutters, and flannel design wall and duct tape!
Quilt retreat, sew-in, vacation?  
Let's GO!

An old office computer cart has many uses.
It's close by my sewing chair and the rollers allow me
easy access to roll it over closer as needed..
great for trimming or pressing blocks. 
The shelves hold my sewing machine accessory case, 
quilting pins and other small items.

 TIP:  I have put several layers of painters tape 
on the back of the rolling cart, so when it sits against 
the wall...the wood won't gouge or scratch my newly painted walls.  
I also did this on my cutting table.

When the rolling cart  is not being used for sewing tasks...
it is home for my laptop and/or iPad.
 Quick and easy access for email or patterns
or just surfing Pinterest, email and blogs.

A small bookcase holds quilting books 
and binders with patterns.  
I use the back of the tall bookcase (which holds stash) as a bulletin board.  
 My "vintage" sewing baskets store smaller items 
like charm packs, jelly rolls, etc.

A whiteboard keeps track of my "ToDos" and "Important Blogs and Dates" I may be participating in.  
I like lotsa flames in my fire!

My cutting table is stationed so I can access 3 sides
and bring up the dropped end as needed.  I have a kitchen 
trash can here to toss in my scraps for sorting another time.

TIP:  Store your quilting stencils UNDER the cutting mats.
 Love my wooden ruler holder (my BIL made me)

Things that make me smile are all around.
Remember ALF?  He belongs to my son's (who is now 35)
    Dizzy Diva was a gift from my BFF.
  Snowman quilt is red work-doing their "O H I O"
The wild applique quilter is a "song"challenge quilt.
My song was...
"Don't it Make your Brown Eyes Blue"

 Curtain rods hold tops to be quilted.  
The rack has "sandwiched" quilts ready for quilting.   

TIP*** "Turn off the iron" note is right by the door light switch 
to help me remember to do that when I leave.

My design wall and ironing board is at one end of the room.   
I use my big board in another area outside my room...

The design wall is made from fiber board sheets 
from a big box hardware store, covered in white flannel.
I should've made it BIGGER!  

An old treadle machine is the perfect media center aka life support system.   
Jen-nee my Janome stays in the rolling case with
everything I need for a road trip!

A bookcase in the corner holds hand embroidery stuff, 
dvds and My vintage sheet collection!
Who knew that vintage sheets would be so
popular.  I'm sure thru the years I've donated 
as many as I have recently bought at thrift stores!

On top this bookcase...some special items!
My "Swee-tee" Singer Featherweight;
Quilting Angel made from my first wedding dress
A small quilt made by my Mom,
Cora Clayton, at age 91.
Mom had Alzheimer's and but she did remember
 how to hand piece.  I named the tiny quilt...
"Last Stitches" my most cherished Kwilty Pleasure! 

So there you have it...I wish you could come sew with me!

Today begins a fun linky party over at Pink Chalk Fabrics.
Lots of folks showing their sewing spaces.  
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  1. Wow, what a great space you have! Thanks for the tour :-)
    Happy Monday,

  2. Kathy I love your sewing room...How neat you have room for everthing in their...Lov etha Amy Bradley applique quilt of the quilt lady with her suit case. Thanks for the tour...I would love to come visit and sew with you one day...But you would have to give me a tour of your gardens first...

  3. Terrific space and thanks for some great hints. Love the idea about the jewelry holder.

  4. That is a great space! I am so very jealous. I cut in one room, iron in another and sew in another! I get dizzy just running from room to room.

  5. Very nice! I have my sewing in one room, fabric in another and my long arm in yet another. I think it will be like that because I don't have one space big enough in this house. hmmm, maybe I need different one!! Beautiful space.

  6. Love your space and I got some good ideas for my sewing space. But the most interesting item of all is the precious quilt your sweet mother made for you. You see, I cared for my mother for 11 yrs who had dementia. All she could remember to do was "break string green beans" and fold towels. She would do one or the other for hours. I loved your post. Come visit me!
    Gmama Jane

  7. What an awesome space, I'm envious of your fabric stash. That little memento area is so lovely with your angel and the quilt your mother made you :)

  8. Love all of the storage! Now I must hunt for a jewelry holder like yours!!!

  9. Love all of the storage! Now I must hunt for a jewelry holder like yours!!!

  10. If you are looking for a home for the quilt on your design wall, I'd be happy to adopt it! Lol. Love your sewing space!

  11. Oh my goodness! I'm blown away by your craftiness. Your space is wonderful and you are so talented.

    Thanks for sharing.


  12. I loved looking at the hanging mini quilts. Thank you for sharing your space with us on the tour.

  13. Thanks for sharing photos of your sewing room. You have given me some ideas.

  14. thanks for sharing! I hope to be able to access my cutting table from all sides, someday... Great feature!

  15. That's a fabulous space! Good job putting it all together. Thanks for sharing!


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