Monday, August 19, 2013


I have had a fun day of squishy packages delivered to my door.

 My first order from  Fort Worth Fabric StudiO arrived!
Luvin' this gray and orange FQ bundle.
  I pulled some solids from my stash to go with them.

I want some orange sherbet ice cream..right now!

Last month I entered my "first" blog swap, which was
Sweet Pouch Swap 2
 hosted by Alyce, over at Blossom Heart Quilts 

Today, I received my pouch from my swap partner
Teresa, at Aurea's Kitchen 
...all the way from SPAIN!

Teresa picked up on my love of scarlet and gray
The Ohio State Buckeyes Football team colors!  
Also, that I love flowers and modern designs.

She also picked up on my sweet tooth....Lots of chocolate!   
Not sure how she got all this sweetness packed into the pouch!

Half square triangles on this side of the bag
Love the little loop and ring for keys!

And hexies on this side of the bag!

OWLS, love them, peek out from inside of the pouch!

Here is the pouch I sent Teresa
and it was full of fun treasures.

AND, I just signed up yesterday for my next swap
with Martha over at (Bloom where I am Planted)

I really love Halloween fabrics so making items for 
my "Secret Pal" will be creepy, wicked and perhaps GHASTLY!

What a great MONDAY!     


  1. Hey, I'm not a bag lady, but I do love those owls, too.... And that orange and gray bundle.... Yum, yum!

  2. What a fun swap bag and those fabrics are gorgeous!!!!

  3. the orange and grey bundle is so so inviting...just waiting for something to be made from it. love it.

  4. the orange and grey bundle is so so inviting...just waiting for something to be made from it. love it.

  5. That orange is just to die for - and with the grey it is just perfect!! I'm in the Halloween swap too - should be really fun!!!

  6. gorgeous fabrics and the swap sounds fun so I have signed up straight away too. I made nothing for halloween last year so this will push me into some action .

  7. What a cute little bag! Looks like she got everything that's really popular right now covered: owls, check! hexies... check! Chocolate... check! And now I'm off to the store to buy some orange sherbet ice cream :*D

  8. I love your fatquarters!! and your pouch. That was a fun swap!!

  9. Oh what fun. Look at all that yummy candy.....Love your pouch she sent you. It is gorgeous. Now can;t wait to see the Ghastlies project.

  10. The gray and orange fabric looks great together. Love the modern feel to them. Now to sit back to see what you make with them.

    What a great pouch and filled with yummy goodies too.

  11. I just love the orange and gray combo. I'm going to put that one on my inspiration board. The pouch is just adorable but don't eat all those treats in one sitting. Savor them and make them last for a while.

  12. Hi there! I saw your comment over on someone's blog about 'glittering your stash' Too funny. Congrats

  13. I am glad you like this little sweet pouch. I hope I could write my blog post about your pouch next week. So happy to participate in this swap.



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