Sunday, August 25, 2013


This tutorial will show you how to rotary cut
without using the lined side of a cutting mat.

Having trouble getting the long "rotary" cuts straight?
Try flipping over the cutting mat!
Let the "ruler" lines be the cutting guides.    

Photos and instructions here are for a right hand cutting.
Some tips first...

Always press your fabrics with a starch.
A crisp fabric is less likely to shift while cutting. 

Use some type of marking tape on the ruler
to mark the ruler lines.  I love these!!!
They peel and stick easily for re-use.

I prefer OMNI-GRIP rulers or CREATIVE GRIDS as my
personal choice.  I use these on the rulers I have that do slip.  
(not being paid for advertising anything in this post)

25 Clear Fabric Grabbers with adhesive

Hold the ruler using good pressure from your FINGER TIPS. 
Keep the palm of your hand OFF THE MAT!

Some folks use a cutting glove that will protect the ruler hand...
should the rotary cutter slip.  Just always cut slowly, regardless. 


Line up fabric selvedge edges together at the top
fold is at the bottom.

Place the ruler on top of the fabric fold
The stick on tape highlights the
line that you need along the fold

Trim off the right edge of the fabric
(close that rotary blade whenever you finish a cut)

FLIP the fabric so the straight cut is now 
on the left side of the ruler
The uncut piece is out to the right of the ruler.  

I used TWO pieces of  sticky tape to mark the ruler lines  
In this picture at the  2 1/2" vertical line
AND along the bottom of the ruler at the fabric fold.

 Check your measurement and cut slowly 
 STOP if you need to move your hand
up the ruler to continue the cut!


Remove the ruler and there is the cut piece
ALWAYS close the blade of your rotary cutter 
to avoid accidental bodily harm!

Unfold the waves...straight piece

Repeat the process for as many strips as needed.

If you need a larger piece cut
re-align the ruler....and begin again
(this is a 5" cut)

 Straight again!

Its that easy! and accurate!

Not using the lines on the cutting mat may seem weird at first.  
Give it a try...use some old fabrics and practice
til you get the feel of it.


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