Sunday, November 3, 2013

IT'S ... SEW IN!


Want to coordinate a fun day sewing with your friends.
Here are some tips that might help make your event less work
and more FUN!    

It's much easier for 2 people to make decisions quickly 
and get this event organized...then DELEGATE when you can.

as soon as the date is confirmed...make a flyer and publish it 
(i.e blogs, guild FB page,  
handouts) and keep "talking about it" 
with your group, keep the excitement going!

Coordinators determine the tasks needed to make the SEW IN happen.  
Then setup committees for each task.   
IT is very helpful to create a spreadsheet for sign ups
and to keep it all organized.  

Ask members for ideas.  We have a member who's real estate office 
offered their conference room FREE!

Charge a small fee to cover the food and HOLD seats for
attendees (especially if the venue is small). 
$5.00 worked for CMQG

Food Committee 
Sets menu and makes food for the day.
They get the $$$ for purchasing food and drinks. 
Let members know if they can bring a "snack" to share (optional)

Setup Committee
Arrive 1/2 hour before event starts to help setup the room and CARRY IN all the "stuff"!  
And believe me when I say "stuff"  lots of "stuff".  

Tear Down Committee
Help carry OUT the "stuff", sweep the room and 
put the room back in order as it was found.  

Sewing Room Committee
Scout the room and determine how it will be setup, make a list and # of items to bring and ask members to sign up to bring an item for general use.  (i.e. irons, ironing boards, cutting mats-ruler-rotary cutters, design walls).  Then everyone doesn't have to bring their own irons, cutting mats, etc.  
Irons are culprits for blowing fuses.  

Sale Table
setup a table for members attending to bring sewing items 
they want to sell (fabric, books)

Demo Committee
Schedule several demos throughout the day to break up the sewing and get folks 
on their feet and throw in a few stretches.

I provided a demo on my Quilt as You Go mug rug.
Everyone attending took home a "Kit" to make their own
and try out this technique.

Nicole showed us how to make 8 HST a quick as easy way.
She used Lindsay Conner's

Mark diagonals and sew each side of the mark

The magic happens here in cutting them

Dana's demo showed her 
Check out her fun blog, Waterpenny

Microsoft WORD is used to type and flip the letters for the monograms.  Her fusible recommendation is "Wonder Under"

Dana "zooms" out the letters to the size she needs and 
the laptop becomes an instant light box. 
Use a very light touch when marking!!!!

Stacey showed us how to make and attach 
a double sided (two fabrics) binding on a kwilt.
Don't you LOVE her scrappy trip around the world.

Google "two sided binding" and find tutorials 
very similar to Stacey's instructions that used 2" wide strips.

Here you can see the brown fabric on the front of the kwilt and the blue and white fabric on the back of the kwilt.

I hope you find inspiration here that will spark a fire to
set up your own "SEW IN".  Whether is be for a few friends
or a bigger group or guild...

 You'll be glad you did!


  1. will have to pop back later and eheck out some of your links, thanks for sharing them

  2. What great tips. Looks like a great time.


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