Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My cabin fever remedy was a "delirious" trip from 
OHIO to FLORIDA for the entire month of February.  

Family and friends said 
"When you retire you have to come down and stay awhile".

We did "JUST THAT" for the month of February
and Florida became our home away from home.

First week we house sat for my sister (Ruth)  and BIL (Roger)  in Dunnellon (near Ocala) 
and enjoyed some golf, a great pool and the community center. 

I did a little sewing with the quilters in her community.  

Then on to Arcadia to spend a few days with our "current" OHIO neighbors, 
who snow bird in the winter.
Check out this Sandhill Cranes aka "Gooney Bird" hanging out
near the lake in their community.

Next stop, Fort Myers, to visit with our "former" OHIO neighbors
Pier at Fort Myers Beach

My DH birthday was on the 19th and my gift to him was
a trip to Key West - and the southern most point in the US

Beach style homes and beautiful landscapes!

Our "cabin fever" journey then took us up the west coast to relax on the gulf beaches.

A day at Venice Beach, FL

with a quick stop to see the black sand beaches of Venice
(can you say sharks teeth)

Next stop, Siesta Key Beach
white sand like powdered sugar...no reuse needed 
retirement has me relaxed and getting my Vitamin D fix..
no pills required!

how bout a yoga class with sand between your toes?

Next stop was a beautiful harbor town, very quaint, full of art and great restaurants and definitely "Scotttish"  

 I have been to Dunedin, twice before and 
this is the reason!  LQS touted as Florida's largest shop!

Back to my Ruth and Rogers' place for another week
and more line dance lessons, taught by my Roger!
Hey, it beats taking a walk and you know I love to dance!

 Ruth and I doin the "gooney bird" dance...our own choreography!

but just sew you know I did a bit of sewing
before I broke Ruth's sewing machine! 
Last time we were
together I backed into her car !
Do ya think it's sibling issue?   LOL

I will set these in white when I get home!

We had sew much fun that next winter 
we are gonna "snow bird" and rent a place for 3 months.

I'll be writing a post soon on ALL the lovely kwilt shops I 
stopped in along the way.

Do you think I fell off the "no buying fabric" wagon?

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  1. I like your cure! Your blocks are fun too.

  2. A great way to spend February! I visited that quilt shop in Dunnedin a few years ago...it was amazing! Thanks for sharing your holiday!

  3. If your home in Ohio was anything like my home in Indiana, you picked the perfect month to seek warmth! Looks like you had a delightful time!

  4. Your photos are beautiful and make me want to put on some flip flops, shorts, and go to the beach. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. Oh my, so jealous! I'm stuck in the cold Michgan winter. I'm glad you had a good time.

  6. So very jealous here. And I'm betting that you put that no fabric buying wagon in the junk yard.

  7. Looks like you had a super time. 3 months next year sounds awesome. I think you found some gold at the Rainbow's End and the leprechaun made you spend it on fabric!

  8. Lovely way to spend February. Sister rivalry exists no matter how funny or friendly or fantastic. I have lots of sisters. Happy dancing...

  9. You had way too much fun. Loved all the pictures.

  10. Looks like you definitely beat the cabin fever and 3 months next year - enjoy!!

  11. what a lovely break you have had and caught up with friends etc

  12. Oh what fun. You did so many fun things.

  13. What a wonderful way to cure cabin fever! I'm green with envy seeing your trip to warm, pretty Florida! Thank you for partying along with us!