Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This Tutorial shows you design variations
when making a Jelly Roll kwilt.

 Here is a link to the "original" Quilter's Corner PDF instructions 
on making a 40 strip jelly roll top that finishes
48" x 64"...great lap size

And the video seen round the world from Heirloom Creations

ONLY have 20 or 30 strips on hand?

Ha!!!!   Read on!

20 strips, 2 1/2" x WOF
 Sew  20 strips short end to end  
Cut 18" off the beginning piece
Sew down the seams for a total of 4 times.
 I finished this top in about 40 minutes including 
sewing the 20 strips end to end.
Finishes approximately 32 " x 46" after squaring up
Add a border if you want it bigger.

30 strips, 2 1/2" x WOF
 Cut 18" off the end 
Sew the seams for a total of 5 times
I finished this top in about an hour.
 Finishes approximately 36" x 64: after squaring up
Kinda  long and skinny....

Make it wider....
Cut 2, 5" wide pieces for "inserts"
Measured and cut vertically, 6 inches in from each side 
Sewed in the 5" pieces for a different look
over just adding outside borders.  

 I also FLIPPED around the right side piece before sewing it back on,
 to make the top more scrappy looking.

The extra steps to add the inserts took about 15 minutes
 All under 1.5 hours to make this cute top.
Finishes at 45" x 64" after squaring up.

All though this top is a jelly roll idea...and WOF seems
to be could use any length of scraps x 2 1/2  

It will just take a bit more sewing and time.

 Two more stash bustin tops!
Donations to Project Linus!

Now you have some top options
and I "know" you know you have a jelly roll
 or scraps, somewhere in your stash!


  1. thanks for these instructions, will keep an eye out for jelly rolls but think they are quite pricey, maybe I will make my own strips.

  2. Great ideas for enlarging the quilt.

  3. Really great and I love the addition of the brown. I have a variation of this brewing in my head and will be sewing it up hopefully soon.


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