Monday, July 7, 2014


It's July and Pink Chalk Fabrics is hosting 
"Where I Sew" Month.
Click here to see some great sewing spaces!

I added a link there to Kwilty Pleasures sewing room or you can click here

Busy getting my 3QTR projects lined up for the 

and lemme tell ya..the stack is growing.
Full "eye candy" post coming soon

This week I'm meeting up, in Waynesville, OH 
for some kwilting crimes with Kathy Guenther.
This small town is full of surprises, botiques, antiques.  
We will have lunch at 
The Cobblestone Restaurant and "gift shop".

After lusting, fondling and buying fabric at 
The Fabric Shack!

My bloggy friend Michelle, over at Quilts From My Crayon Box 
set me up with another "sister"  as part of 

Make one item and add anything else, 
send to your swap sister by end of August!

And finally, I am bursting at the seams 
to tell you about something 
I'll be participating in this fall.
But for now...gotta keep my mouth shut!  
(and if you know me..that is a full time job)  

Have a great week and as always


  1. no sewing room to share I am afraid as I stitch in the kitchen. Have a lovely time when you meet up with your friend.

  2. Looks like a fun outing for you and your friends. My sewing space is a disaster again except where i sew.

  3. Lots of fun stuff going on there as usual!


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