Monday, July 14, 2014


 I finished a Christmas project I don't like!
(there I said it) 

Did you ever have a WIP for so long 
that by the time you got it done...well, it turned ugly?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and this
beholder ain't beholdin' to this fabric any more

I made a holiday table runner and kwilted it
with some straight stitch waves.
Some fabric you just can't "modernize"

And the backing - ugh...
Thank goodness, my fabric taste 
and color palate has changed.

The dang thing is a mile long and
I can't find a place to get photo!
Oh ugly bugly!

 This is going in Santa's sack and I think
it's may be somebody's lump of coal! 

On a brighter side...

I did finish knitting this scarf.
 In doing so, I bumped up my knitting skills .
It's been a looooong time since I did a pattern!

Next month will be better as...

 Insights from SewCalGal's
Handmade Christmas Challenge Linky 
will be open July 15- 25!


  1. interesting the scarf and the fabrics very similar colour range, I like them both, especially the babble fabric,

  2. Just imagine this tablerunner adorned with a Christmas turkey and all the trimmings! Beautiful!

  3. The runner will look beautiful on Someone's Christmas table. And they will love it. I think you looked at all the fabrics together fo rtoo long. As they look really dark. And as a gardener right now is bright light and sunny season. The darkness of the fabrics just depressed you probably. The Christmas ornaments fabric are kind of cute ...Our tastes in fabrics change and evolve as we do. On the bright side. You finished it and stuck with it and now have a gift to give.

  4. Obviously I am not a really modern girl I like your fabrics they are so rich looking.

  5. This has happened to me as well. But the beauty of it all is that there is going to be a very happy recipient of this piece that will adore & treasure it! And you can feel happy to have made it! I think it is beautiful and so will someone else!

  6. Oh well at least you made something with it and I'm sure whomever receives it will love it.

  7. I agree that you quilted runner is lovely and will be appreciated on someone's holiday table! Now your scarf is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the pattern! I hope to improve my knitting skills someday!


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