Saturday, August 16, 2014


Just because you think you are ahead of the game...
does NOT mean you are!  Here it is August..
I have finished a kwilt for the

"BLIITZEN" (Moda fabric - Basic Grey) 
had been sitting in my stash for sometime.
 I decided it would be the fabrics to make a 
"MODERN" Christmas/Winter kwilt...for my house!

  I used the Turning 20 pattern (quick and easy)
 and loaded it on a long arm to kwilt. In just over a couple hours
the kwilting was all done right?  

As I began to sew down the binding a nightmare unfolded!  
The thread on the back, over more than half the kwilt, was a tension mess! 
(even though I had checked it a couple times while on the long arm)  
There were railroad tracks to hell!   
I had thread demons that I was NOT going to put up with!  

I re-pinned the entire kwilt, and a section at a time,
ripped out the stitches and began to re-kwilt on my Bernina.

THEN - I had to take Ber-nee-nee into the shop 
cause she seemed possessed with the same thread demons!!!

But in the end...I drove out those thread demons 
and she is finally finished!

Ripping out the kwilting made me slow down 
and I found it very therapeutic 
Things do happen for a reason. 
I had been working like a maniac
on many projects and this demonic episode...
forced me to slow down.  

The backing has some batiks cause that was in my stash.


more kwilting

red binding

just waiting on winter!

My DH likes it! 
Isn't he just too cute with his snowman kwilt!

Don't forget you can join in the Handmade Christmas...anytime.

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  1. Love the fabric line! Turning 20 is a super pattern for almost any fabric - and quick. Glad the nightmare resulted in such a lovely quilt.

  2. Beautiful fabric and quilt! I guess we've all been there, but ripping out the actual quilting is the worst.

  3. Uggg. It figures that it would give you fits. So sorry about that but the finish is really pretty.

  4. I've had a similar issue recently. I'm blaming it on a new batting I was trying. Glad you stuck with it because the finish is terrific.

  5. Beautiful quilt! Your hubby sure looks happy :)

  6. oh boy, how frustrating! But it turned out a great finish in the end :-)

  7. So sorry you had all the tension troubles, but the end project is WONDERFUL! I love the colors and the pattern.

  8. That is a nightmare to find those tensions issues on the back. A complete nightmare! How long did it take you to rip it out? Takes me forever.... Love your finished quilt, though! And your husband is pretty cute showing off the finished product.

  9. I'm cracking up about the "railroad tracks to hell" and I'm glad your quilt came out beautifully in the end! Visiting from Blossom Heart Quilts!

  10. Such a wonderful winter quilt!! Sorry it gave you fits though, not fun I know.

  11. Its very pretty! I can identify with tension messes. I hope someday we can avoid that!

  12. very pretty. some times i also just try to spin through the process which creates problems…i then have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the sights


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