Sunday, August 24, 2014


Only 2 spots left for the Ghastlies Swap and
sign ups end (tomorrow) 8/25 

I am thrilled with the response from my bloggy and  IG friends. I know what all the hoopla is about IG.
Y'all jumped on this like a bunch of Ghastlies on fire!  
I can feel the heat!

Now to the stashing at hand!
I'm a little slow in jumping on board with all great 
exciting fabrics that are constantly appearing everywhere! 
  I just ordered these Charlie Harper FQs
  I am a gardener and love these birds, bugs and leaves! 

I luv it when I find a great sale.  
Thanks Fabric Worm who recently offered a recent 25% off. 
And a 5.00 discount code!   Woot woot.  

By the time I get something made with it...
well it will be very old news.  
But it will be MY old news!  

In other RUSH HOUR traffic news...
I took this stack of 13 FQs and made 5 projects.

You'll have to stay tuned for the
My 5 projects are DONE
Go on...Call me an over-achiever
  I've been called worse!  LOL


  1. 5 projects with Rush Hour? I've got three in Rush Hour fabric and I think that's it for me. I do have a couple other ones in other fabric, though, so I guess we'd both be called overachievers! LOL

  2. you have some very nice new fabrics there

  3. Pretty new fabric. And I have yet to jump on the IG bandwagon. I figure I will at some point though once I have time to figure out how.


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