Sunday, February 8, 2015


Do you like to journal?
Handwriting has taken a back seat 
in today's fast paced Internet and social media world.
Makes me kinda sad!
Sew I journal about kwilting
in my COMMA covered journal!

Added a pocket to the front flap.
(not in the tutorial)

I decided to perk up the inside of my journal
to create sections using some of my card making papers

I have a section for my Ghastlies' projects. 
Like the Make Modern Building Blocks
I keep a copy of each block design and note info about them.
Easy, difficult, how many pieces, cuss words 
that relate to  the designs!!!

Special Section for Swaps
Info about the swap on its own page.
Swap name, swap mama, partner info, mailing date, etc.

The Notes Section is a catch all...
Sewing ideas, kwilting designs, technique notes, blog ideas 
shop hop dates, sew in dates 
fabric purchases, get the idea!

My fabric covered journal tutorial is here  
A "quilt as you go" technique...

You can use any size pieces you want

 For I used one large piece of the bra fabric,
inserted a print from Amy Butler and kwilted some lines
to add a bit of texture.

What Ohio State "football" fan wouldn't like this!

Give em a try...They make quick and easy gifts.

I am using my stash for the lets add this to

Speaking of stash...I just got this from an IG destash!
 Lotta Jansdotter with a gray solid
an awesome journal cover! and a bag to carry it in!

Do you journal and if so...what do you write about?


  1. I journal art project ideas (what I'd like to draw or sew). Other than that the only real note-taking I do is to write down home organization/renovation ideas. We live in a tiny apartment and every foot must be thought-out! :)

  2. I never thought of myself as journaling, but I do sorta. In the early morning as I'm reading my bible I write out the passages that stand out to me so that when I need them I can find them easily. The binding is getting in rough shape this would be a good idea. Thanks

  3. I covered an "old-fashion" composition book and used it as a travel journal this past summer when we went to Alaska. I printed out our itinerary (including flights, hotel, car rental), pasted each days' information on separate pages, leaving a blank page for writing each days' sights, tours, etc. Last year I gave covered journals to my great nieces and nephew for Christmas. Finally, I use one as a prayer journal. It is sad that we don't take time to write these days. Hopefully, quilting won't get too technologically 'involved' so that we can still take time to enjoy our craft.


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