Wednesday, February 11, 2015


You know I luv me some Nested Churn Dash (NCD) blocks.  
A NCD block finsihes at 24" square
Even with a takes me some time to
design it with fabrics, the way I want it to look

This was my first...and I luv the
TYPE fabrics that to me waaaaayyyyy back to 
high school typing class!

 I made a couple Ghastlies 
varying the size of the center blocks.
Gifts for swaps and friends.

Another for an IG swap...8 inch square center 
showcases  lotsa  Lotta (Jansdotter) fabric

Now I'm seeing ORANGE Ghastlies
all over my design wall.  

My process to make this top has been slow...
I cut all the piece for each NCD
add it to the design wall. 

I stare at them for days on end, add new fabric, 
move fabric around, move centers around
Building the top...til I get this!
Looks a bit wonky but once I start sewing...
the magic happens!

sssshhh...can you hear it scream???
 ORANGE Ghastlies all nested up!


  1. Love the orange and gray with the Ghastlies! The magic is already happening!

  2. Love the nested churn dash, especially with your Ghastlies!

  3. I love your orange Ghastlies! I need to do an NCD.

  4. Love, love, love them! I'm dying to try a nested churn dash!


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