Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I have to tell you I am hooked on Instagram Swaps! 
 I get to stalk new friends, without being arrested 
by checking out what kinda projects they like on
 IG, FLICKER,  Pinterest, blogs and then make something
for them...they they will adore!

I get to make them something fun and pretty!
And I get something in return from my
partner, who I may not know!

My swap madness for 2015 date 
Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap

@kathyhoeppner received this Nested Churn Dash mini
I used Lotta Jansdotter fabric and included a quilt pattern
and a Simply Color charm pack.

Bitches Get The Stitches

swap not for the faint of heart.
These girls get down and dirty with some foulmouthed fun!
There is a general admission group
and an XXX rated group
and a couple hundred dirty minds!

Raise you hand if you already new I belong in this group!

A foul mouthed zippy pouch -
WTF could mean What's This For? should her little girls ask
or know what it really means!
I did some creative cussing by using a vinyl tape measure 
for the letters and strap 

Also included a "booby prize" fabric covered journal 
A quilt pattern and a book mark!

Shipped and waiting on receipt confirm!

Instagram Tote Swap

was a really fun one, since I luv making tote bags...
well, any bag for that matter!

I TYPED this one up and then 
 had to convince myself NOT to keep it.
Shipped and received by one HAPPY partner
Extras: a couple Amy Butler patterns and  2 1/2" squares!

BUT WAIT...there is more
Springtime IG swaps...for April 

 My partner says she doesn't like jewel tones?
 what???  a rainbow without jewels?

  This is the best I could find in my stash that are not
"in your face" jewel tones and still represent the rainbow!


The partner "Stalking"  has begun 
and I'll figure out just the right project that will
 spring her forward! 


Just when I thought I was done with swaps for now..
a swap for CHARLIE HARPER appeared
and I LOVE all things CHARLIE HARPER!


I'll be using my stash, or part of it
and will include all these fun projects for...

 Are you in any swaps right now, IG or otherwise?
If sew....which ones!


  1. Kathy love all your lovely projects...I know your swap partners loved them too

  2. I have learned my lesson from last year after signing up for too many swaps due at the same time. It really stressed me out (my fault for not looking at due dates) Now, I am trying to space them out. and limit myself to just one a month, or not at all. Plus, I am in 4 bees. It is a lot of fun doing the swaps.. but I needed to take a break.. I participated in Schnitzel and Boo, IG Tote, Four Seasons Pillow, Rainbow, and now, Cotton & Steel. I was very strong and stayed away from the other swaps that have been posted on IG and Flickr..

  3. Looks like we are in many of the same swaps over there on IG -- I've signed up for 9 in the first half of the year.

  4. Looks like you had a fun time making things. Can't wait to see what you got in return.

  5. Nice and more nice and I'm betting that you don't want to join Swappers Anonymous.


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