Sunday, May 1, 2016


It's official...I am a Silver Sneaker, Medicare Eligible
"give me my damn senior discount" mama!
Today is my 65th birthday.

In this throw back  picture, I was 5 or 6
A true brunette with a bit of curl in my hair and no bangs! 
IF I let my hair go gray (no quite ready yet)
and combed it like this...I would look like Mom!

65 is the new 45 right?  I'll buy it.
I do have a new adventure that will keep my young at heart,
Meeting new people and enjoying great entertainment, 
Serving as an USHER for the CAPA Theatres
(Central Ohio Association of Performing Arts)

Oh you didn't know CBus has theater? 

 The Ohio Theatre

 The Southern Theatre

The Palace Theater

The Lincoln Theater

The Capitol Theater
(Rife Complex - also includes 3 other studios)


McCoy Center of The Arts

Wish me luck as my ushering adventures take flight
and bring on some...
Dirty Dancing!

Dirty Dancing


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like that is going to be a fun job and will definitely keep you busy. Beautiful photos of the place!

  2. happy birthday yes the new 45 as I am 70 next year and say that is the new 50!

  3. I'm sure you had a fabulous day and Happy Birthday my friend.

  4. Happy Birthday! I agree 65 is the new 45, but have you noticed most of the most beautiful women in the world are in their 40's and older?

  5. Happy Happy Birthday. Hope you have had a wonderful day. Looks like fun times ahead.


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