Friday, May 27, 2016


In this case my fiber is yarn!

I was part of an IG Yarn Swap 
as part of itsome of the vendors offered 
a percentage off purchases !

Haute Knit Yarns caught my attention!

and knitted up it became this shawl
I mis-read the "Pretty Basic" shawl pattern....
and did not do enough wrapped rows
so I guess its my own design.

Next up...Oil Slick, such a yummy color 
 I couldn't wait to get this on my needles!

 I'm giving the "Pretty Basic" pattern another go!
Now that I have re-read it over and over...
I got this!

If you would like the "Pretty Basics" pattern 
by Janina Kallio Designs
click here and head on over to Ravelry!
It's free...
Scroll down to the download link!

I am working on a color experiment involving 
my yarn color choices! 
Stayed tuned for some amazing results! 

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