Monday, September 19, 2016


If you thought I was shopping Instagram Destashes
 "just" for were wrong.
#thegreatyarndestash has some incredible finds!

Like these yummy "fingering" weights.  
Yup these 3 skeins for almost the price of 1 skein!
When my skill level improves...
I have enuf for a very large shawl!

Two more skeins an unique autumn color scheme.  

The yumminess of these 2 skeins screamed...take me too!
how could I not!

And get this...I bought the skien and she sent me 
the already knitted shawl for FREE.   
Said she didn't like how it came out.  WTF?
I can frog it or not...OMG  Wish I knew how to just
keep on knitting it to make it bigger. 
This color is Pennies at Sunset...bee-u-tee-ful!

Who? you ask, is the person who offers such  
 incredible "destash yarns" and  "prices"
I probably should not tell BUT I will...
Head on over to Instagram and 
look for @sewmamamakesand follow Jill!
She also destashes fabric for you quilters out there!

ALL this beautiful yarn (8 skeins plus 1 knitted)
and shipping for around  $80.00!  That is insane!
 She also took time to send me a
bunch of links to free shawl patterns on Ralvery!

Thank you Jill!
I am a very lucky knitter!

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