Monday, September 12, 2016


Next to quilting...I luv to knit.   
That being said I have found a new luv of llamas!

An IG friend posted a baby quilt with llama fabric.
I asked her if she had a scrap of it I could have
...hoping to add my own stash with it and
make a cute knitting  project bag!

This is what she entire sampler pack
of Llama Love by Michael Miller! 

I found this domino stash fabric for the lining
and had a zipper in my stash!

I added a piece of the stripe, trimmed the pieces 14" x 15"
Followed the Noodlehead Open Wide Zipper Pouch pattern
but with my custom sizes. 
If you have not seen it...check out the free tute here.

Added some serpentine quilting...
on the exterior and batting piece
(NOT the lining)  
I picked a "S" looking stitch on my machine
and adjusted the length to stretch it out long...

 And here is an inside peek...

It's Llama Luv at its best!

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