Tuesday, August 15, 2017


For the past 15 months I have been volunteering as an usher for
CAPA (Columbus Associaition of the Performing Arts)

The Nutcracker, performed by The Columbus Metropolitan Ballet, 
is a traditional event at The Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH

The two CAPA Volunteer Coordinators, Janet and Sheri,
 have their hands full keeping, managing about 700 volunteers
and making sure there are  60 ushers/per show/for the 6 week run!
(plus all the other holiday shows)

I decided to thank them in my own way and
put a Nutcracker smile on their face.

It began with these fabrics pulled from my stash.

Quilted with some simple wavy lines.

sewn and labeled 

into wide open zipper pouches
(made at the Spring retreat in Amish Country)

I couldn't wait til the Holidays, so I presented them
 at the August Volunteer Appreciation luncheon !

Needles to say....they had Nutcraker smiles from ear to ear!

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