Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I never dreamt that after 30 years of sewing...
I would have my quilts hanging in  
At a local metro park...
Inniswood Metro Gardens

 I found out art exhibit is not just about
your art medium or, in my case,
how many quilts I have for display.
It requires a lot of behind the scenes work!

First thing, I had to decide what pieces I wanted to show.
When you have quilted as long as me...
that in itself is a challenge.  
Because the venue is a garden...
I decided the majority of my pieces would be 
Flowers, Birds, Animals 
with a few surprises!

Innishouse was the home of Mary and Grace Innis.
Two sisters who loved gardening and wildlife.
They donated the park and their 37 acre estate to the 
the Metro Parks in 1945.
Today the park is 121 acres of awesome!

I have been a volunteer here at Inniswood for 16 years 
I had to go thru the process of presenting my art
for consideration, to be the Artist of the Month, 
just like everyone else.  

Loving this garden and my quilts
It is a perfect combination for my first show!

I have some Charley Harper quilts...
so of course, they are in the show

My quilting journey began with traditional quilting.
This piece shows 9 patch blocks, the birds are also pieced
branches are applique and I used some pretty batik fabrics.

I also dabbled in Art Quilts, so a couple of those 
will hang in the show
A Paint Chip Challenge "art quilts"

OF COURSE, there will be some
"Ghastlies in the Garden"

I updated my business cards using washi tape
to cover up my ETSY store info..its closed
but the cards are still good!

I trip to the venue to determine how to hang the quilt.
How many walls are use? 
Measure the hanging space for each wall.

 I made a diagram to help me visualize 
what quilts might work on each wall.
Worked well...I only had to make a couple changes
once the quilts were be hung

I used a tape measure and yard sticks to
lay out the wall spaces in my yard, then laid out quilts
to see what would fit and look good.

The possibilities were stacking up!

I needed a cool photo for social media
to announce the Exhibit and the Artist Reception.
I used this pic in Black and White
and added the info about the show.

Next up...making labels describing the quilts
including lots of fun info and appropriate credits
for patterns, quilting etc.

Then the day was here...packed up and ready to roll.

My contract with the park allowed 2 hours to set up!
Hanging 16 quilts took every minute.
My good friend, Mary Isabel helped me or I might still be there!

I was absolutely overwhelmed when I stepped back
to look at all my pieces hanging in one space.
Maybe one of the few times in my life...
I was speechless.

I hope you will come and see the show if you are in the area.  
The house is open daily 9-4 except Monday
when they are closed.  

"Meet the Artist Reception"
Sunday, Nov 12, 2 -4 pm
Refreshments served
(yes I am baking cookies)

Inniswood Metro Gardens
940 S. Hempstead Rd
Westerville, OH


  1. I’m sure it will be a big hit! Bake lots of cookies for the crowds that are sure to come.

  2. What a well deserved honor! Wish I lived closer to come see your quilts, and of course, have some of your cookies.

  3. I wish I could have been there to see it all in person. Congrats!


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