Monday, April 2, 2018


Thanks for hopping by to see my block for the 
30 days / 30 blocks hop 
hosted by Carla at Creatin' in The Sticks.
I told her I could do any day, any block
Sew block is the..

"Double Stuffed" block

I am on vacation so needed to use scraps I had on hand!
Made me think outside the box because...not that many scraps!

It was a simple block...3 pieces

I didn't want to fall asleep while making this simple block!
I decided scraps can make it more fun and I can make 2 blocks
for my project!

I made "scrappy" centers!

Top and bottom pieces are the same fabrics, but till scraps.

I had enough scraps to make two Double Stuffed blocks.
Laid them out different ways to see what will look
best for my project.


or Vertical

or how about one each way?

My project is a zipper pouch so I am going with
Horizontal Scraps in the middle of each block.

  I had to piece the lining to make the size of fabric I need.
Remember ...scraps!

My go-to zipper pouch is the Wide Open Zipper Pouch by Noodlehead and you can find her free tutorial here.

Once the 4 pieces are made
I used SFS 101 interfacing for the lining and 
Fusible fleece for the outside fabrics.
 Sew in the zipper.
BUT***This pattern has a unique zipper technique that 
makes this the OPEN WIDE bag that it is!
Details on the tutorial.

For a tighter fitting lining...trim the lining pieces down about 1/4" 
I do this after the zipper is make sure all is well and
lined up nicely. 
3/4" seam allowance to sew it all together
(see tutorial for details)

TIPS: I use a jeans needle when making bags.  
For the top stitch I set a straight stitch to at least 3.0 
and use my open toe pressure foot.  
It sits snugly and the inside of the foot/toe
is my guide as I "slowly" stitch all around the bag.
If you have a free arm sewing machine as an option...its a breeze!

And here is my Double Stuffed Block zipper pouch!
It's also my giveaway!

Comment #62 is the winner. 

Leave  a comment and tell me if you like 
Double Stuffed OREO Cookies?
Open to US only (sorry, postage is crazy)
And this bag is yours!


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  1. Cute bag, my husband loves them. Me not so much.

  2. Double stuffed Oreos are too sweet for my taste. I like regular Oreos; they are the best! Cute pouch!

  3. Great bag, Kathy! I love that you made it from scraps! Thanks for the tutorial as well!

  4. Sweet bag! Love the scrappy centers on the blocks! I prefer regular Oreo centers--the double centers are too much of a good thing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh your bag is fabulous! The scrappy center is definitely more interesting than the plain one. No double stuff oreos for me, but I do like the regular ones. And the mint ones are good too.

  6. Love the colors of your bag. Love oreos, stuffed or not.

  7. Double stuffed Oreos are perfect for dunking!

  8. I love your bag, and it has inspired me to make some with my scraps. Great idea!! I also love double stuffed Oreos. The double stuffing is a must!!

  9. Your bag is adorable, what a great way to use the block!! Yes I LOVE double stuffed oreos!

  10. Double Stuffed looks great with a scrappy center and I love making zipper bags with blocks. They are so much more interesting than just a piece of fabric. Thank you for hopping along with us in the 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop.

  11. Hi Kathy,
    What a wonderful bag! I didn't know this block was called double stuff, but I love your take on it. Thank you also for sharing the tutorial on how to make the bag. I do love double stuffed Oreos - YUM! ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. What a great way to use the Double Stuffed block and your bag is adorable!!

  13. I'm not a fan of double stuffed Oreos, but this bag could definitely change my mind. So cute!

  14. Double stuffed Oreos are not my favorite, I prefer the regular. Nice bag.

  15. My husband & I both like double stuff oreos & the zippered bag is a great idea.

  16. Since I am not a fan of Oreos, this would be my choice. I love the scrappy middle and your bag and tutorial are both wonderful.

  17. Hate Oreoes, but I love your pouch!! Lots of quilting supplies would fit in there! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  18. Great pouch, Kathy! Inspiring use of the block pattern. Thank you for sharing ... :) Pat

  19. Who doesn't love double stuff oreos??? And it looks like that little bag is the perfect size to carry them around in! LOL!!!

  20. I like that you did the scrappy center on the block. Very effective.

    Thank you for the link to the tutorial. I am just now getting up the nerve to try zipper pouches and this one looks pretty straight forward for a beginner.

    I am not a fan of sandwich cookies of any kind. . . I prefer chocolate chip or snickerdoodles.

    Have a lovely day.

  21. Thanks for the wonderful idea to use up scraps. Great use of scraps. I’m a Canadian but had to comment.

  22. Great use of both your scraps and this very simple block. You took simple and made it fabulous. I don't know how else to say this but I've never had a double stuffed Oreo.

  23. I prefer the classic Oreo cooking, but I love you double stuffed bag! Very cute!

  24. Love Love LOVE Double Stuffed OREO Cookies. Thanks for the tutorial. Yes, it's nice to see something other than a quilt sometimes.

  25. Always the double stuffed! yum! Great idea for a cutie pouch from your blocks, great post!

  26. I do not care for the double stuffed, but I LOVE the regular old oreo dipped in milk. Yum!! Love your bag and I just purchased the all sizes bag pattern from Jeni's site. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  27. Double stuffed is double the pleasure! :)

  28. Not a fan of Oreos. A lovely bag for a giveaway

  29. I love the bag, but I'm not allowed Oreos because of the sugar.

  30. Love how you double-stuffed the scrappy center. The bag is cute and looks to be quite functional. I love Oreos - all Oreos, definitely double-stuffed, but I have to resist due to sugar.

  31. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.netApril 2, 2018 at 3:52 PM

    don't think I have actually tried the double stuffed Oreos, but I think they would be too sweet.

  32. Double stuffed Oreos are okay, but I really like the mint flavored cream! Very cute pouch!

  33. They are ok, but you get more in the package with the regular. Just saying......

  34. Sadly, I avoid oreos because I could stop at just one or two! Love your tutorial today and thanks for sharing the link to Noodlehead.

  35. I do not eat Oreos.. I'm more of a peanut butter cookie fan... Snickerdoodles... soft over hard cookies.. Either or, what a cool fun way to turn your block into a great project. Loved the bag.

  36. Really cool bag! I have not had any double stuff Oreos in awhile but they are yummy! Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  37. Cute bag! You did great, using scraps on hand. Oreos are a guilty pleasure for me. Seldom are they in the house, cause I can't stop eating them!!

  38. Unfortunately I only like coconut and lemon cookies

  39. I can see why that bag is a favorite pattern for you. It really looks great! I don't actually like Oreo cookies, but I definitely like the stuffing in them!

  40. Who doesn't like double stuffs? More to lick out of the middle.

  41. Cute bag! I like the pieced "stuffing." I do NOT like double stuffed oreos. I like the cookie part better, I would buy just cookie oreos if they sold them!

  42. Love your design! Will have to make another bag using it.
    Double Stuff is my favorite!

  43. Thanks for the tutorial! I love making bags. I'm not an Oreo fan, but I know a cute dog named Oreo!

  44. We need to share oreos, I scrape the stuff off! I did like reverse orris vanilka cookie chocolate filling! Your block is super versatile.

  45. What a great idea with leftovers! About the Double-stuffed Oreos. I prefer single stuffed because I really want that chocolate cookie. I have bought them since my DH & 2sons loved them. I'm still going to make your bag even if I'm not a Double-stuffed Oreo person I am a double stuffer :)

  46. While Oreos are okay, my preference is home-baked cookies. -- soparkaveataoldotcom

  47. Such a cute bag idea! Oreos are a comfort food! Even my granddaughter who hates chocolate eats Oreos!

  48. Cute bag. Love double stuffed oreos.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. You did an amazing job with this! And no, I prefer single stuffed Oreos.:) the ratio of chocolate to sugar is off on the double stuffed.

  51. Not a fan of Double stuffed Oreos. I really like the mint ones. Nice and colorful bag. Thanks!

  52. What a fabulous project with your simple block.
    I have never had a double-stuffed Oreo but imagine it would be delicious.

  53. Your pouch is awesome! Very inventive. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  54. I love the colors you used in your pouch!! And, I love double stuff oreo's, but I don't buy them anymore--I stick to the regular stuffed ones!

  55. Love the colors and simple blocks!

  56. I don't really like oreo cookies.

  57. Such a cute bag! Love it. If I ate double stuft Oreos I would look double stuft!!! So, sadly, I have to leave them alone. Thanks for sharing the bag and your source for the pattern.

  58. Thanks so much for the bag-making tips--I'm very new at this, so I am taking lots of notes. :) And, no, I don't like double stuffed oreos. Too much filling for me, although I'm sure I would have liked them when I was a kid. I mostly like Oreos for dunking.

  59. Such a cute bag. And I love the double stuffed Oreos. I have gotten spoiled by them and the regular ones just aren’t as good! I try to only buy them at a holiday and hope my kids will help eat them.

  60. Oh, yes....double stuffed oreo....YES!

  61. Too much stuffing in Double Stuff Oreos. I prefer the original or the things. Great bag.

  62. Great idea to make something out of nothing (at least that's what some people call scraps). Turned out lovely. Yes, of course I love Double Stuff Oreos.

  63. Love the bag, the double stuffed not so much, I actually like the cookie part and scrape of the stuffing. I might be the only one in the world, but I love the thins-especially the mint thins Stuff them in the bag and I will be in heaven.

  64. I love double stuffed Oreos, and this bag is too cute!

  65. I'm no longer a fan of any kind of Oreos. I use the calories I save from not eating Oreos to have a glass of wine instead. When I first saw the Double Stuffed block, I thought it was kind of plain. I was really surprised at the way it looked made with scraps and totally delighted at the way you used it to make a zippered pouch. Very cool!

  66. I haven't had oreos in ages, they crumb so much...

  67. Love the Vanilla ones, and that bag too.

  68. I am more of a fan of the cookies alone, and tend not to eat the filling..hahaha. And the zippered pouch is Amazing! Thanks for sending us to Noodlehead for the tutorial and your tips as well! Christmas presents in the making for me!

  69. You made such a cute little bag! I'm a fan of it, but not of the double stuffed oreos. In fact, I much prefer the new ones with only a touch of stuffing!

  70. Double Stuffed! But this"Cookie monster" isn't very picky when in comes to cookies! :) :)


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