Monday, July 22, 2019


50 years ago, in 1969
I was a senior at Big Walnut High School
located in Sunbury Ohio
I grew up on a small farm 3 miles outside of this small country town.  
Today...its one of the fastest growing communities 
in Central Ohio.

THIS is my senior picture!

My high school still stands and is used as a lower grade school,
but a new bigger HS has been built close by.

This was my middle school, located in Galena, OH

My grade school is Sunbury Elementary.
and it is still in use.

My first grade class pic.
I think I am reverting to this look!

I have been to a few class reunions.  
The 20th was my fav...I belly danced to entertain 
the class who barely remembered me.
YES I was that shy, wallflower in school.
  Lets just say never forgot me again!

50 is a milestone in anyone history and
 I was very happy to be on the right side of the grass. 
We have lost 18 classmates that we know of.

One of the reunion organizers asked me if I would
make some cards to auction and help defer the event costs.
I didn't hesitate and made 6 Ohio State Note cards
and a fabric basket to put them in.

I also pulled 20 all occasion cards from cards already made.

A thank you note from the organizers.
Its nice to be acknowledged. 

The room was well decorated with
 the Eagles school colors
'Red and Gold"

Table setting offered a class picture and agenda for the evening!

Kudos to the committee who put this event
at the Royal American GC together.
Its doesn't happen without fierce people who never give up
locating the classmates.

Jan, Jerry, Estelle, George

Someone on FB mentioned they didn't realize 
I went to school with Santa Claus!
Mike lives in Virginia, is a preacher and 
does lots of work as Santa!
But the amazing thing...I am NOT on the Naughty List! 

Some of our Veterans who served in various military lines,
 during the Vietnam War.
They received a standing ovation for their service!

I saw many of my close high school friends.
Like Diane, who now lives in California. 
 We were inseparable in HS and apparently, still are!  
Seeing her was such a treat!

Then there was Nancy (from Oklahoma)
 and Toney who lives in Columbus, OH!
We really had a lot of fun in High School!  
I was a bridesmaid in Nancy's wedding!
(then after their divorce, I dated her ex, for a short time)

I felt like I looked pretty damn good this nite. 
I was happy that everyone was friendly,
warm and seemed happy to be there
and the cash bar was OPEN!
 I still can't figure out
what Phil was thinking about.   

and here we are, 54 of the original 123 all our glory, celebrating our glory days!

It was a fantastic evening and
 I am blessed to have been able to attend. 
 I hope the Lords blesses us all
 so we can do this again in 5 years!

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