Sunday, July 7, 2019


When I am not quilting...I am probably making cards.

I enjoy a card making group, named Stampeders.
We meet once a month, alternate homes
and the hostess makes lunch for all.
I was hostess for if you know me...
I go all out when I entertain.
I made everyone the 4th of July fabric coasters
and gave them the little galvanized bucket/candle holder.

My front porch welcomed all.

Antique picnic basket..thrift store...$4
and an old antique cutter quilt, perfect for a picnic.

Sit a spell...but only after the cards are made.

The foyer has fresh cut flowers from my garden.

As did my kitchen table.

When the card making finally began...
our guest and my sweet friend, Shannon Coil.
totally enjoyed this whole afternoon.
She was new to cardmaking...and now hooked!

Shannon was getting a 'hands on' lesson
while others enjoyed each others conversation.

Here are the cards we finished.
Everyone makes a card kit for each person attending.
and we assemble the cards together.

This was my card...beachy of course!

Connie's Card

Robin's Card

Vikki's Card

Debbie's Card...
A fun and unique little purse.
that holds a tea bag.

July has been a busy month...
next month keep an eye out for
all my "Christmas in July" sewing projects.

or in this case CARD ON!

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