Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Sew here's the MYSTERY!

Leigh Morgan was the coordinator for the Columbus Modern Quilters
2019 Mystery Quilt Challenge
Every other month we received a CLUE or directions
 to make a part of the Mystery Quilt.

Clue 1 was to pick fabrics
I decided to pull from my stash and used 4 tones in each color way!
Clue 2 was to cut the fabrics
I made an index card that showed the colors and their labels.
This makes it easy to figure out what goes where
when sewing pieces together.

Clue 3 
Sew this block, using specific fabrics
and a specific layout

Clue 4
make more blocks with specific colors and instructions
(these will eventually go into other blocks
but we didn't know that yet)

Here you see clues 
5, 6, 7 and 
Clue 1 is the bottom Right block

Clue 8
These geese and economy blocks will become
parts of other blocks (we don't know that yet)

Clue 9 (yep here are those blocks from clue 8)

I love these blocks!

Clue 10
(these are put together from Clue 3)

And THEN we had to figure out how to lay the blocks out
WITHOUT any instruction.
I was in a dizzy tizzy until I started to think...
Yes sometimes I can do that!

Lay out all the block in order, the way the block finishes 
(use the pictures / diagrams from the clues)
THEN begin in the center with Block 1...there was only 1 block
The next round only needed 4 blocks
The next round needed X number of blocks
The next round needed X number of blocks
and sew on until the final 4 corner blocks
are set and the 60" square quilt top is finished!

I love it!
I love that it is scrappy!
I love that I pulled from my stash to make this one!
I loved the great mystery most of all!

The reveal was Tuesday Dec 10th
And here they least the ones who showed up for the reveal!

As the new year begins, I hope you have plenty of time for sewing.
Why not make a mystery quilt?
I have already started my 2020 MQ Challenge with
Columbus Modern Quilters.

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