Monday, May 4, 2020


My biggest challenge is keeping up with my blog posts.
I save my pics to a draft post...then I get side tracked.
I hope you don't mind my flakieness!

February, 2020 attended Airing of The Quilts
Venice, Florida, sponsored by SWMGQ.
That rained but I still enjoyed looking
at what we could see under the Gazebo.

I found their challenge quilts very interesting.
Each participant had yardage of one fabric.
A fabric that looked like an improv quilt!

It was very busy, some might say ugly,
but definitely had a modern spin to it. 

I jotted down the name of the fabric and found it
 on-line so I could provide some details.

I am sure there were guidelines or rules for
entering this challenge, but I don't have those.
What I do have are some photos of the
creativity these makers used with this fabric.
Sorry I don't have the makers names
or credit would be mentioned.

Look closely at the way they used the fabric,
the colors they added, the quilting.
It is amazing to see such creativity.  

Have you ever participated in a quilt challenge?
I enjoy them.  They make you think outside
the normal sewing box!


  1. Wow!! These quilts are awesome!! Thanks for showing them.
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  2. Those are really interesting. Thank you for sharing them.


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