Tuesday, September 1, 2020


September 2019 I was asked to do a trunk show for
The Perry County Sewcial Club.
A new quilt guild located in Perry County, OH

I knew the founding gals and said I would love to.
Being new and no budget, I offered to exchange my show
for fabrics.   If each person could bring me a scrap of
a pink or coral flower...I would make 
Laura Heine's Pinkerton Flamingo with those fabrics.

I received over 40 pieces of fabric!

The process begins by fusing and cutting all the fabric pieces
to be designed into the collage. 

I drew the design on the interfacing.
Then piece by Piece you lay out and fuse the
pieces onto the interfacing.

I loved this part of the design but it took me
4 hours to lay it out and another hour to fuse down everything.

Then you cut out the flamingo.

The backing is made with all the other fabrics the 
girls gave me and a bit from my stash.

I lay the top over the backing to make sure it fit!
You can see the horizontal layers of the background.
From white down to pinks.
I used Quilters Dream batting for this bird.

Pin basting for me!

The quilting was done by me on my Bernina 740
The bird body is a small stipple.
The rest of the top is Echo Quilting all around the Flamingo.
It took 8 hours to quilt!

I am lucky to have a large quilting table.

Here's a nice view of the finished quilting.

The Perry County Flamingo
has found a perfect summery place to reside!

She was a challenge and I stepped out of my
normal piecing and quilting to give her a life.
I am very happy she came into my life.
Just like those Perry Sewcial Club Quilters.
However, I would have selected a smaller
collage design if I had to do a "first collage" again!

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