Wednesday, September 16, 2020


I finally finished them this summer.  
Lots of fun gifts for some lucky recipients.
Most of these patterns are free!

Lined Drawstring Bag
Tutorial by Jeni Baker, In Color Order Blog

 Adorable Llamas

I couldn't pass on GNOME fabric.
This tutorial is by Noodlehead, Wide Open Pouch.

The front and back have different colors
and I switched the zipper out to turquoise.

The One Hour Basket is perfect for
these Llamas dressed in their Holiday Sweaters and scarves.

I did swap out the lining to a black and white.
Not sure why, maybe I misplaced the other option.

Another Wide Open Zipper Pouch.
These are so easy.
I love the way the zipper is installed
allowing the bags to 'open wide"

I love this one...might have to keep it!

Little Sheep make a cute Wide Open Pouch.
I have many friends who knit and crochet!

You can see this open and the zipper dangling to the side.
Lots of space to get in and out of the pouch.

Another Drawstring Bag by Jeni
You can use the tutorial, yet make this bag ANY size.

This one is sew cute...and a bit smaller than the others.

These were QAYG units that used some of my
scraps and my Mom's dresser scarves.

I have made many of these and given
to the Granddaughters.  Then I found this in my
sewing room.  Might just keep it!

This bag is the Perfect pouch.
It works up easy and is flat when finished.
Good for an embroidery or cross stitch project.

This was to be a Reversible Box Tote. 
I didn't like the interfacing, sew...
I cut off the handle and made another
Wide Open Pouch.

It's all about what is easy and will still look good!
Nailed it!

I have a few wallets cut out...
Sew they should be next on my to do's...
but are they?


  1. Oh my what a wonderful assortment of bags! My favorite is the very last one aqua with llamas, adorable.


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