Tuesday, August 18, 2020


When I am not sewing...or card making...
you can find me knitting.
I could call it Quarantine Knitting but
I began the first two projects before RONA
raised her UGLY head.

In January, while in Florida, I began this lovely shawl.
It's the "Dusk to Dawn" pattern you can find on Ralvery.
I used a fingering weight yarn, 50 Shades of Gradient.
I finished it in April after my return from Florida 

Next on my needles was a sport weight yarn called
Pima Prisim yarn and the pattern is free on Ralvery.
"Letters from Russia"

The last finish was a fingering weight
call Cherry Garcia.  I used another free
pattern from Ralvery called "Arlequin Shawl"
This would be perfect for football season...
however, RONA has put her nose all up into
that business as well.

I have several more skeins to knit and have
found patterns to go with the yarns.

I must keep busy because but seriously
my creativity is halted now and again

What are you doing to keep your sanity?


  1. So many beautiful finishes. I especially like Letters from Russia.

  2. I really love your knitting. I started knitting again this winter to keep my mind off all the corona stuff. We are retired and were hoping to be able to travel, but not so. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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