Monday, February 1, 2021


Several years ago I received this bag in a swap.
I loved it, but it was kinda floppy.
It needed stabilizer to make it sturdy.

Today I decided I would remake it into a bag 
that I would use.  It was to to sit in a shelf.
it’s a Charley Harper bag...after all! 

Sew I assessed the original design
And though about what I would remake with the pieces!
I had to make sure the appliqué Chickadee remained where it is.

I decided I could rework into a One Hour Basket.
Sew I cut the handles off,
Cut the bag apart, both the main and lining pieces
Trimmed to the layout for a basket,
Added extra batting and stitched it down. 

 The Chickadee fabric for the lining
And inside pocket stayed the same.

The cute appliquéd chickadee still on the front 

   Happy with the remake!
And now it will be used time and again. 

  It took me four years
to get the courage to remake it...cause maybe 
the original maker might not understand?
But once you receive a’s yours to use, give away or remake it!
I am glad I did.

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