Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Another Sewcial Distance Quilt top project is done!
This time 3 of us are sewing apart/together!

I am wintering at Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Kim is located in Pickerington, OH
Shirley is located in Evansville, IN

I love me some Kate and Birdie fabrics.
I had this 'Wonder' line and some background in my stash. 
I am making a baby quilt.

Kim is busting her Bonnie & Camille stash.
She pulled 3 charm packs of  ‘Little Snippets’ line for a lap size quilt. 

And my friend Shirley decided to join the fun. 
She cut 5” squares from her stash to make a Queen Size top. 

First step is to sew all the charms into 4 patch blocks.
A nice stack of 2 patches, then into 4 patches
 was quick and easy chain piecing!

Pressing station for my mobile sewing area.

Next step was to ‘Slice’ the 4 patch blocks 
across the center diagonally.

Then I cut the 3” wide background strips at 16” lengths. 
I suggest cutting each sashing strip individually
vs the pattern saying sew 2 triangles to each WOF strip.
I wanted to press the center crease into the strips for lining up the triangles 
to sew one triangle to each side of the strip.

***Missouri Star pattern has thinner strips for this part of the Lattice pattern.
THIS RIGHT HERE is important to make sure the strips fit the block
and not to short. DO NOT switch back and forth!  Right, Kim?

I pulled 2  triangle units for each block making sure they looked nice together.
But I didn't dally to long on matching them up.

Then the chain piecing and pressing began.
4 Patch Slice Block finished with the background sashing in it. 

My pattern suggested trimming blocks to 10 1/2” squares
I did, but might not have to...
Missouri Star pattern does NOT square up the blocks.

And then the blocks were completed.

I made the binding using up any left over 3" strips
 (trimmed to 2 1/2" Binding strips)
Waste not, Want not!

There are many ways to layout the blocks for a final quilt top.
Regardless of the pattern. Missouri Star only show the Lattice layout.

Diamond layout

Chevron Layout

Lattice Layout
Here are the finished tops.

I selected a diamond layout and added one border.
It finished at 47” x 57”

Kim used 3 charm packs, added 2 borders 
using the Missouri Star Lattice pattern
Finished at 60” x 70”

Shirley used the Missouri Star Lattice pattern with 2 borders 
and made a queen size top!

All in all it’s a quick and easy pattern.
A great way to use up charms, layer cakes, scraps 
or stash yardage!

You can find The 4-Patch Slice pattern that I used
from Inspiring Creations, right here
Missouri Star skinny strips lattice pattern video/tutorial is here .

Have fun. Both are fast and easy!  

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  1. What a great stash buster! Hope the winter at the Crystal Coast is being good to you. That is my someday dream.


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