Monday, March 1, 2021


I know its March and this post is about Christmas.
Really though, its a  post about something important. 
 Friendship, UFOs and QUILTS!

This Modern Tree Block quilt has given me grief for a couple years.
NOT because it was hard to make blocks, but because
I couldn't decide the RIGHT way for me, to set the blocks.

For two years these blocks went up and came down
from my design wall several times.
Last November, I decided on this layout.

You ask me, why then? RIGHT?
Because, Shirley, my BFF of 60+ years had been battling breast cancer
and was going to have a Mastectomy on Dec 7th.

She loves Christmas, Christmas Trees and had mentioned
how much she loved seeing these Tree Blocks on my FB page.

Sew I got busy and quilted this one. An easy wavy line was quick.
I had purchased the C & S plus print for the backing
so there was no more stalling. RIGHT?

Added the binding and look at the mitre on this corner!  They all looked like this!
You see Shirley, is a quilter, and a perfectionist.
I knew she would be checking out my handiwork to see if it looked RIGHT!

I added my custom label...

And I was so pleased with how this all turned out. RIGHT?

Before Thanksgiving...I mailed this beauty off to Shirley.
I really loved it, wanted it, but the RIGHT thing to do was send it to her!

And don't ya know....she took the quilt to her Chemo treatment, just 
after that surgery.  And on this day she told me...I am cancer free!

Now I know we all get ourselves into a tizzy sometimes
when we have a pile of UFOs staring at us.

Time and the man upstairs, will tell you when
 it is the RIGHT time to finish the RIGHT project.
for the RIGHT reason, 
for the absolutely RIGHT person

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  1. Such a lovely story. Sending very best wishes to your friend.


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