Thursday, May 26, 2022


Because I always have more projects started than I realize...
I didn't disappoint myself while at the beach.
I took a fun pattern along called "FLAIR'
 and thought I could work on this if I have time.
It uses 4 charm packs and background fabrics
cut into charm sizes of 5"

Of course I had enough charm packs,
actually CHRISTMAS charm packs.
The Christmas Card, Eat Drink and be Ugly,
The Cookie Exchange and Mistletoe.

I cut lots of scrappy low volume 5" squares.

What I didn't realize was...the pattern instructions
were to lay the skinny strips on top of the 5" square and 
raw edge stitch them down!

ahh, nope, that's sew 20 years ago.

Sew I cut the squares one way,
sewed in the strip
Cut it the other way
sewed in the strip.
Still a 5" square with a nice finish.
You have to sew the same amount of stitches
sew why not make it look clean and neat.

This will be a project sitting beside my sewing machine and
I can make a few squares, now and again.
The lesson learned...even if the pattern is a postcard size....
READ IT ALL before you purchase!

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  1. Glad you were still able to use the pattern as an idea and make it your way, I never did get into that raw edge stuff.


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